Cells at Work! CODE BLACK

On #AnimeDay episode 6 of Cells at Work! Code Black dub dropped. I love this show, and I’m so excited to announce I voice this sweet Glomerulus! The episode is…

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Cartoon Network Promo

https://youtu.be/hRwSs9hED2I Cartoon Network International Women's Day Promo So happy to be the voice in this Cartoon Network promo highlighting these amazing girls and the fabulous work they are doing in…

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The Irregular at Magic High School

The english dub of The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc just started airing on Funimation, and I'm so excited to voice the adorable Honoka Mitsui! Be sure to…

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AJ in Archer

Super excited to join one of my favorite shows as Archer and Lana’s daughter, A.J.! Seriously, pinch me. You can catch the Season 11 episode I’m in “Caught Napping” on Fx…

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Daughters of DC is out now!

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Conspiracy. Espionage. Hacking. High School. Just your average day in Washington. Stream Daughters of DC, a new YA political thriller and lock into a new world brought to you by…

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Legends of Runeterra

So excited to announce that I voice a few characters in the latest expansion of Legends of Runeterra - Spacey Sketcher, Lunari Duskbringer & Silver Sister. Look at that beautiful art! Huge thanks to my agents at VOX inc, Alyssa Gentile and RIOT Games, and JB Blanc for his awesome direction.

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Wasteland 3

InXile Entertainment just released Wasteland 3 and I had the pleasure of doing mocap for Liberty Buchanan (featured in the trailer below), Angela Deth, and Jodie Bell for the cinematic…

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